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If you suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, anger management issues, low self-esteem, marriage issues, career issues, chronic pain, emotional pain, physical pain, stress, panic attack issues, angst, fears, phobia issues, smoking, self-destructive behaviors, and / or mental health issues, there is hope! Using counseling, natural remedies, meditation, raw foods, reiki, chakra healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique developed by Gary Craig), Law of Attraction Lessons with Abraham-Hicks teachings, and other holistic health practices, I will help you find relief & build a life you LOVE!

Natural Cures are the key! It’s not just affirmations, it’s learning to shift your internal vibration stemming from your thoughts & feelings. Practice healthy thinking & you will feel better & better!

This alternative medicine is used for couples, singles, men, women, & children. Holistic healing employs counseling services, emotional intelligence, hypnotherapy, life coaching, stress management, spirituality, & energy healing. Find your purpose of Life and follow a wellness program which will use these healing arts for holistic health. As a meditation guide, I show you where and how you can shape your destiny by identifying the path to your wholeness!

Community Building

All these gifts can replace the pain & fear you now suffer.


Personal Transformation is the leading edge of evolutionary trends.  Evolutionary transformation in the 21st century is about clarity for your dream & your ability to manifest it.  What are your biggest dreams?  Where are your biggest challenges in realizing those dreams?

Weekly sessions hold you accountable to your vision quest goals while providing both the strategic consulting & emotional support needed to reach the finish line.  Life is a string of pearls lining up your achievements as you evolve your awareness.

“Total YOU Make-Over”:
Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul!

Over 50 modalities to mix & match, to tailor fit your needs & life path.


Discover your personal mythology and allow yourself to really blossom!

Find out who you really are & live that dream into Reality!

Emotional blocks are the #1 reason people do not achieve their heart-felt dreams.  Focus on emotional release as you learn to work with your energy, & dissolve those blocks to your Higher Self.  Bring yourself a higher Love & a Higher Life.




Read this entire Note & then contact us for your first appointment to set up your Holistic Lifestyle Assessment.  Our contact information is at the end of this note.


Prepare for your HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE ASSESSMENT Session by writing out your three biggest goals for the next few years.


Attend your HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE ASSESSMENT Session – We sit in chairs and talk about your goals, challenges, and solutions, focusing on devising action plans and accountability for your well-being and fulfillment.


Make one or more regular times each week for your HOLISTIC ACTION PLAN (HAP) Session.


Mix & Match the following, for your particular needs, or inquire about other methods with which you’re familiar:

1    FOR THE M I N D

CAREER, STRESS MANAGEMENT, WORK-LIFE BALANCE – we sit in chairs for strategizing sessions & make do yoga, reiki, sound healing or guided meditations for stress management.

HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES, WELLNESS PROGRAMS at WORK – we sit in chairs and talk about your goals, challenges, and solutions, focusing on devising action plans and accountability for your well-being and fulfillment. We offer cooking & holistic food preparation, including juicing, raw foods, vegetarian cooking lessons, in addition to our wide variety of holistic health session for optimum wellness & well-being.

TUTORING – We sit in chairs and discuss topics of choice.

YOGA & TRADITIONAL MEDITATION – We work on the floor with postures, breathing, or meditation for physical flexibility, strength, emotional balance, or spiritual growth.

VOICE COACHING – You stand as I coach you on singing or speaking.

2    B O D Y

SLEEP SOUNDLY PROGRAM – We sit in chairs and talk about your sleeping issues. Guided meditations may be added for full benefit to open the subconscious mind to ensuring better sleep.

YOGA & TRADITIONAL MEDITATION – we work on the floor with postures, breathing, or meditation for physical flexibility, strength, emotional balance, or spiritual growth.

PAIN RELIEF COUNSELING – supported by foam wedges or pillows, you discover a position of anti-gravity & learn to relax into proper alignment with your body, mind, heart & soul.  Emotional release makes this easy.  Many ailments can be greatly reduced by this one simple practice.

DANCE & EXPRESSIVE MOVEMENT – we move in a studio space to help you find ways to enhance your goals for well-being & creative expression as we explore ethnic or contemporary dance styles or perhaps explore choreography.

3    H E A R T

BACH FLOWER & F.E.S. CONSULTATIONS – We sit in chairs and discuss your emotional challenges and I recommend which remedies will be beneficial. These remedies are readily found online or at health food stores like Whole Foods. EFT – We sit in chairs as I show you how to do tapping points on head, face, and chest for emotional clearing.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK – You may sit or lie down and tell your story as I help you focus on reclaiming your serenity and empowerment by helping you permit the laughing, crying, shaking, yawning, and growling, or sound making that promotes wellness.

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING, MEN’S WORK, GODDESS COACHING, or DATING for MARRIAGE COACHING – We sit in chairs and talk about your goals, challenges, and solutions, focusing on devising action plans and accountability for your well-being and fulfillment. Men’s work focuses on the particular challenges men often have with work as well as their relationships, including how to honor the feminine, vision questing for their life’s mission and emotional intelligence at home and work. Goddess coaching is to assist women reclaim their femininity and grace as they pursue their heart’s desires.

STRESS MANAGEMENT, WORK-LIFE BALANCE – We sit in chairs and talk about your goals, challenges, and solutions, focusing on devising action plans and accountability for your well-being and fulfillment.

4    S O U L

ANGEL, INTUITIVE, PAST LIFE, OR PSYCHIC READINGS OR HEALINGS – We sit in chairs and I channel information for you or work with energy healing.

ASTROLOGY – We sit in chairs and discuss your chart(s).

CREATIVE SELF-EXPRESSION – We sit and stand in studio and explore your creative goals and projects. Writing, singing, drama, poetry, lessons & goal achievement coaching offered.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS, SOUND HEALINGS, POLARITY WORK, SHAMANIC THERAPY, BREATH WORK CHAKRA BALANCING, OR REIKI – You lie down with your clothes on and allow me to do energy work on you, or if Polarity, then I use gentle, hands-on, energy balancing using meridian points.

VOICE COACHING – You stand or sit as I coach you on singing or speaking.

YOGA & TRADITIONAL MEDITATION – We work on the floor with postures, breathing, or meditation for physical flexibility, strength, emotional balance, or spiritual growth. Comfortable and loose clothing is advised.

5    E N V I R O N M E N T A L

FENG SHUI – I travel to your home or office to perform chi adjustments or make recommendations for your interior or exterior design, using compass directions, symbolic design choices, arrangement of furniture, color selections, or transcendental cures.

AROMATHERAPY – Using organic essential oils is a fine way to address many levels of well-being simultaneously.  Remember how the scent of Tangerines filling the room has delighted you.  There are fascinating facts about how rose oil for example, is the highest vibrational frequency on the planet, with #2 trailing far behind the 340hz of pure rose oil.  Many ailments can be greatly reduced by this one simple practice of aromatherapy.  Everyone is different however & oils should be approached cautiously for they have medicinal potencies which can easily overwhelm a person.  There are many purely benign oils like rose or lemon or lavender, but there are others which are important to use wisely, like cinnamon, ylang-ylang, thyme, & other strong, essential oil varieties.

6    G R O U P

TEAM BUILDING, WELLNESS EDUCATION PROGRAMS, ENLIGHTENED LEADERSHIP TRAININGS, SUPPORT GROUPS, TEAM TRAININGS, BRAINSTORMING SESSIONS, MEDIATION, THINK TANKS, etc. – You come to one of our centers to get training, therapeutic sessions, meeting facilitation, mediation services, and other related options.  We are also delighted to come to you!


As you progress on your path, your soul’s journey toward ultimate fulfillment, expressing at your highest potential, each week, you’ll look at what’s working & what needs more attention.  There are lots of modalities to choose from to address whatever arises in the moment as most important.  By staying present with one’s goals & challenges, one is able to navigate toward self-mastery with grace & dignity.  Anticipating your needs, you discover well-being again…and success…as you walk your path to total holistic fulfillment!!


You’ll see results from there, week-after-week.  First you’ll like how it feels to be supported on your journey.  Next, you’ll start noticing that you’re getting everything you want & it feels good.  Finally, you’ll find ways to savor the moments of your Life & express at your highest potential.

Working together, we’ll get you where you really want to be: at peace with all that is.  Empowered & enjoying everything you’ve ever wanted.  This is arguably the purpose of Life: to enjoy your time on planet Earth, to find Peace consciously within.



As your tour guide & personal coach, you’ll be interested to know my yogic studies began around age 9, as did dance, acting, piano, writing poetry, etc.  By 17, I was teaching yoga, doing therapeutic massage & working as a raw chef.  This “class artist” in kindergarten became “class choreographer” in high school, “radio show host” in France, & artist/marketing executive working with the top tiers of hi-tech, Hollywood, hospitality, & the music industries. I was detoured by a work-related injury & quickly had to learn from the inside out.  I thought I knew about healing before my injury, but the reality of navigating the inner landscape to effect positive change in one’s outer reality poses creative challenges of both mind & spirit, heart & body.

For ten years I peeled the layers of emotion that kept me from living a normal life.  Now I want to help you.  Bliss is your birthright.  Enjoy the emotional support & learn to work with energy dynamics so you can fulfill your soul’s contract for this time on Gaia.  It’s time to live the dream… After my own development & helping senior executives from Fortune 100 companies, like Hewlett-Packard, and working with so many psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, & other coaches, I feel eager to work with your decision to move your life forward this year.

Here are various testimonials from Fortune 500 executives, as well as men & women from diverse backgrounds & industries.


“Very professional and insightful! We look forward to having you back for more.” KW, Lead Designer, Sun Microsystems, Redwood City, CA

“Thanks to your insightful program, I have reached my goals in spirituality and am enjoying a quality of life that I never thought I could. It has made a huge impact in my love relationship.” PS, Trouble shooter, Credit Suisse, Basel, Switzerland

“After working with you for only two months, I’m now signing up my psychiatrist wife & two children who are doctors too!  This is very good work.  You are my guru.” RS, Physician, Washington, DC

“Teresa, it’s only been six months working with you, and I am engaged to be married! I could never have done this without your insight and support. You are amazing. The invitation to our wedding will be arriving soon, I want you to be there.” SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA

“Teresa, you did the work that other psychologists and marriage counselors have failed to do for the past eight years. I now have a completely different understanding of my ex-wife, and this is helping my relationship with her, as well as our children. I can’t wait for you to help others like you have helped me. Men need this work.” WS, VP Marketing, Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA

“You articulated the problems we’re dealing with and gave insight into their solutions, yet we’d never met you before!” GR, Architect, San Francisco, CA

“Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she’s the best therapist I’ve ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for the past 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques. I’ve reached a new level of self-awareness with her help and recognize a much deeper potential for my life.” Mikial, MFCC Therapist, San Diego

“Teresa, your consultation was so professional. The report you submitted was a book in itself. I now have a veritable reference manual for my medical office. My staff enjoys the improvements that you suggested. You know so much, you have so much to offer, I hope that more and more people learn about your talents and benefit from them.” SC, Chiropractor, Corte Madera, CA

“You’ve taught me more than I can say. Your elegant manner doesn’t prevent you from being direct and on target. You are patient, and yet apply the right amount of pressure to keep the ball moving forward. It’s been a pleasure working with you.” LS, Systems Engineer, Alere, Tiburon, California

“You spoke exactly to my issues and led me through a fun and yet powerful process to a place where I can clearly and elegantly reclaim my truth, power, beauty and dignity.” ME, MFCC Therapist, San Rafael, CA

“Teresa, in one afternoon, you pulled me through a slump and got me back on top of my game! Thank you for your insight and support. You are impressive. I definitely recommend your professional services.” TL, CEO,, London, UK

“I was completely at a stand-still and you used interesting techniques that quickly shifted things for me. I was amazed at the results. As the weeks go by, I have a clearer picture of what I am really working on to achieve my goals.” MT, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Redwood City, CA

“We were losing thousands and you pointed out simple remedies that were as elegant as they were effective.” C & ML, Alternative Energy Researchers, Greenbrae, CA

“The reading you did for my daughter was fabulous. I just put a check in the mail for you to do me now! You are really gifted.” LB, Minister, Tampa, FL

“I couldn’t believe after all these years that you were able to help me clear those blocks! It’s been months, and I still feel great.” MM, Homemaker, Sacramento, CA

“You’re really, really good at what you do. After eight months of working with you, I have a completely new understanding of relationships and how to pursue them. With this new perspective, I am re-organizing my life. Your presence is powerful and soothing, your voice is calming. The open format allowed me the safety to open up and get help for these issues. Now that I’ve vented decades of repressed feelings, my goal achievement process is a breeze.” RC, Land Developer, Petaluma, CA


$75 for first 90-minute session;
$300/month for WEEKLY sessions of one-hour each week.
Also, available are two-hour sessions every other week.
$600/month for two-hour sessions per week;
either the same day or two different days, one hour each.
This is especially helpful when one is going through a challenging period.

By phone or Skype [ ] convenient sessions escort you every step of the way.

In-Person Sessions:
San Rafael, CA Winter 2010-2011
Hunt Valley, MD Spring 2011
Encinitas, CA Summer 2011
or by invitation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and which of our programs would work best for you. You may select from options for one to eight people participating in executive or wellness trainings, meetings facilitation or rejuvenating classes or sessions.

12-6pm, Monday thru Friday for In-Person Sessions;
12pm is the earliest time to set an appointment;
5pm is the latest time to start an in-person appointment.
Some flexibility is possible. Call to discuss your scheduling needs.
12-7pm any day of the week for Phone Sessions.


Call to make an appointment to discuss your objectives for the next 12 months.  Choose a time when you have a half-hour before & after our chat.  Write down your biggest three challenges in Life to prepare for your appointment.  Decide your best weekly time to make our session time.


T E R E S A   A N N   F O X W O R T H Y
Life Coach specializing in Wellness, Well-Being, Dating, Marriage, Career, & Spiritual Growth

Skype: G o d d e s s R i s i n g

Email: t f o x w o r t h y @ h o t m a i l . c o m

San Francisco, CA/Marin: 4 1 5 . 2 8 9 . 2 2 1 3


You may also find me on


Coaching for Men:

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Executive Dating Coach:

Holistic Spiritual Healing

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“What’s your purpose?
How deeply can you love yourself?
Keep breathing…
Remember the Light!”

c 1990-2011 Teresa Ann Foxworthy. All rights reserved.

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