Cultivating Heaven


With the New Year now fully upon us, it’s time to consider what this new cycle can mean for each of us. For me, the theme is Cultivating Heaven in 2011! This means that this year, I will be more conscious of how I actively create & allow the sublime to manifest in my daily life. In each arena of my life, career, relationships, health, & personal development, I will observe my thoughts, words, & actions & how they can bring me closer to a more enlightened lifestyle wherever I am throughout the year.

Because I travel rather often, this is even more important. I’ve learned that I cannot rely on anything outside of myself, because the people, places & things of my Life are constantly changing as I go from one region or state to another. This has motivated me to cultivate a mindfulness wherever I go…to stay connected to the creative forces of my own spirit and the powerful forces of the Universe. Mere mortals could never be expected to fulfill our deeper needs, so we must cultivate this relationship with the Divine & ourselves in order to maintain joy & peace in our Hearts.

As you walk you’re Life Path this year, notice what you need to cultivate more Heaven in 2011! Then let us know by commenting at the end of this post! Meanwhile, take this one-minute survey to let us know what kinds of retreats would be best for you this year!