Leadership, Team Building and Corporate Retreats

Everyone could use some emotional support as he or she reaches for their life goals.  Health, wealth & happiness are the elixirs of Life.  Spiritual communion is in there somewhere, too!  At companies across the world, employees are trying to manage work-life balance issues.  CEOs are receiving Wellness Education to reap the 300+% R.O.I. on every dollar spent to help their teams learn better self-care.

A Life Coach become relevant at every level of development.  Sometimes, Group Coaching is the solution.  People need to think out loud to refine their understanding of a particular topic in their lives.  Love relationships, for example, can unnecessarily distract someone from their wellness & well-being.

Having a Life Coach who can support the learning curve of recognizing and pursuing one’s highest options immediately relieves untold stress, which will often lead to wellness crises.  Coaching by phone makes Wellness & Well-Being goals more manageable.  In the comfort of wherever a person is, if they have a phone, they can get the help they need on any of various topics to get themselves in top form.

Weekly sessions are set up to anticipate the needs of every individual.  We know there’s going to be acknowledgment for what is working & strategic guidance for what needs more attention.  Taking a half-hour before & after sessions helps you get the most out of every session.  Preparing questions & reflecting on notes will make the rest of the week a breeze…and fun!  Everyone’s on the same page with goals & process.

The pinnacle perhaps is a stay at a rejuvenating location for retreats or yoga instruction.  Corporate wellness programs which offer not only a life or wellness coach, but also retreats & yoga instruction show an impressive improvement in employee health & well-being, especially when an example is set by the CEO to make self-care a priority.

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